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It's been so long since my actual life update that I don't really know where to start. My blogging niche has decided to go for a little wonder, leaving me staring at this blank sheet on the screen. Have you ever gone away for a while, come back and thought: "is there anything really that interesting about my life? Should I just quit Blogging altogether? Is my creativity jar empty?"

Right now, with the relaxing music of a hypnosis video playing in the background, and the sound of my hands typing away, I am just typing garbage but hopefully making sense to all of you. Time is free for me right now, I have all the time in the world to create post after post, but I don't want to give you any old shitty little 200 word post just for the sake of publishing on time, I want to create read-worthy and stay-worthy content for you so you want to come back for more.

My life has changed dramatically that I do find it quite interesting, so here's to faith and positivity that my regular, trustworthy readers are still here for me, as well as the new readers that are welcome into my life and my blog. Support, laughter, and creativity is my main goal for you, so bear with me if I do not post 3 times a week like I used to.

For the past three months that I have been away, I have been in no mood and had no motivation to write anything. My depression has come back through no fault of my own; apparently because my hormones are crazy at the moment, I am not handling it well, so my midwife is helping me get some counselling to help me through this tough time. Do not think different of me because of my illness, think positively of the courage to accept the illness and seek help.

There are a lot of people out there in the same situation as myself, therefore, I hope you can relate with my story as well as seek help for myself. Advice and wisdom is more than welcome and I really do appreciate all kinds of motivation and advice. If you relate to my story but stay quiet, then I respect your wish to silent read. I hope my story helps you.

Writing down my feelings, thoughts, opinions and views is what created my Blog two years ago. I used to blog everyday before it became too much, comfortably I found myself a routine. Due to having the worst first trimester and suffering from depression, I thought it was best to stay away and keep you waiting for the real Lauren to come back happy and ready to start again. 

You'd rather have the real Lauren in the blog rather than the depressed, no motivated, boring Lauren, right? I would, which is why I made the tough decision to step away for a while. Sorry for being away so long but anyone who has been or is in my shoes, will know what I am going through. I still haven't had time to create the Sponsored post I promised months ago, but with the kindness and understanding of the company telling me it is fine, as well as worrying about me, I believe that it will be up hopefully soon. Saying that, I am giving my little sister the chance to help with the newest Sponsored post coming up, but with my life being so hectic at the moment, you have to wait a little while longer. 

With all this craziness, I haven't told you about what has actually happened in my life so far. Let's just make this short before you trail off and click that little X box on the top right of your screen.

As you all know, I am expecting a new addition to the family within the next six months, but I just want to assure you that I won't be becoming a "Mummy Blogger" as some put it, rather, I would just be the usual "Lifestyle Blogger" that does the odd post involving my child. Also, I won't be creating posts on how to be a parent, or how to look after a child, but rather games, suggestions and fun things to do. Life Updates come with, too.

Did I mention that I moved out of Alexander's house and back into my parents? Well the time came for both of us to move out, and without a home, Alexander had to stay with me at my parents for a few days, he now stays with his friend. As Alex works ghastly hours, we haven't had time to search and look at houses of our own so once bonfire season is over, we can get on that first.

During all this moving around and mess, my family are all swapping rooms as my twin sister is also pregnant and needs a bigger room to fit her and the baby in. So I have moved into the spare room, my brother is moving into mine and my sister's old room, and my sister is moving into my brother's room. So much to do! Luckily we are doing the move now so that when the babies are born, they are settled straight away.

Hopefully by the time the babies do come, I will be living with Alexander in our own place and all the rooms will be sorted in my parent's house. Despite our best efforts right now, progress is slow, but at least it is moving forward. My first dating scan is on Friday, too, so even more to look forward as well as new rooms and a new place!

Here's to positivity right now. I need it. We need it. Everyone needs it.

Much love,

Pregnancy Diary | August - September

Sorry it has been such a long time my beautiful readers, but for the last few months, I have been feeling like utter crap. Mothers tell me that pregnancy is such a magical time, and I now believe they are LIARS; I have never felt worse! 

As promised, I am doing a Diary of my pregnancy, and here are the first two months (as from the 4th week). Enjoy the good, the bad, and THE SCARE. Oh yes, things didn't go smoothly. Please, keep all bad comments to yourself. Your support is amazing, thank you to everyone who has given me courage and support via Twitter.


Hey lovely readers, sorry I haven't updated you in, what, a month?? Wow. So sorry!

Due to my first trimester being all bleh where i am nauseated and ill most of the time, i have had no time or energy to have a decent post for you to read.

I'm close to my second trimester now and i'm feeling a little better so expect me to be back soon!

Thank you for being here for me and respecting this little break.

Lots of love! Xx

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