My name is Lauren Nicole O'Hara and I have been blogging since September 2013. 

To begin with, my Blog was called Life as an Independent woman but that is now subbed under my name at the top of my Blog page.

Typically, I am one of the average Lifestyle Bloggers, but personally, I just feel like I am a passionate Blogger that writes about anything. Though I don't have a set genre or a set subject that I write about, I do write about anything and everything that I have an opinion, feeling or a view upon, with the occasional life update here and there.

I have an Identical twin sister, a younger brother, and a little sister - I am the eldest and the one that gets blamed for everything. All of my Grandparents are still alive, I have a Mum, Step-Dad and a Dad and plenty of Aunties, Uncles and cousins. Too many to count, too many that I have never seen nor heard of. So if your last name is O'Hara or your grandparents name is O'Hara, then we are most likely related. Don't hold me to that.

Too much noise irritates me. There can't be more than two sounds at once, which includes the TV, a window open with the outside sounds, and someone talking to me all at the same time. Just don't.

Many people know me to be a bit of a bitch, but I just speak my mind. I have learnt to control what I say because sometimes it will hurt people. When I write in my Blog I can go a bit too far and be a bit too sassy, but that's just me and it's the way I like to open up in my posts. Take it or leave it. But love it anyway.

When other bloggers email me about wanting to be a Guest Blogger or want me to Guest Blog, I will reply asap and I rarely say no. So if you want to Guest Blog or want me to Guest Blog then please go to on my 'Contact Me' page and scroll to find my email.

My favourite friends are the ones you see on my Instagram, Dayre and on my Blog (see Contact Me for links,) other than that I am pretty anti-social and not really keen on meeting new people all the time. However, if I meet someone new and we click, then get ready to be my friend for a very very long time.

I am 5ft 4inch (about) and very slim. I fit into my twelve year old sister's clothes, and I am a size 4 & 6 UK clothes size, depending on the brand and the outfit.

Strangely, I drink mugs and mugs of gravy. It has no calories, has it? Plus it just tastes so nice! My favourite food to date is Chicken and I can just not get enough. Just hand me a full chicken - I don't share.

I have previously wrote about my weight and depression problems in the past, you will have to check my archives for them.

If someone changes the volume on the TV or radio, it has to be on an even number, otherwise my OCD will kick in and I won't feel comfortable until the volume is even.

What else do you want to know about me?

Keep sharing my blog you beauts <3 

Much love,

Lauren Nicole O'Hara! 

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