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This is where I post photos of my life that are not shown on my Blogger or Dayre. You can follow me or you can browse. If you are to follow and I don't follow back, don't unfollow. I hate the 'follow to unfollow' thing people do.

Links to each new post. Plus, short 140 every-day tweets.
 Short and sweet right?

Dayre is where I mini post on my life; a short blog. I blog on Dayre every single day but Blogger is my official big blog.

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Please Follow or Like for Daily updates. You can also comment, post and show me your blog, interests, favourite blogs, or just anything you want to share. Everyone and everything is welcome. Don't be shy!

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Sweetened Sour
There are two channels that are named Sweetened Sour, but to know which one is mine you have to make sure that the website address has '/c/' before 'Sweetened Sour.' Also, my avatar is the same as my Google+ which also helps.

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