As of April 2015, any items that have been sent, gifted, or given to me at a press event from a PR company in consideration for a product review, will be marked with an asterix (*). If there is no asterix next to a product review it is a result of myself buying products from shopping centres. If any post is sponsored, I will clearly state it on top of the page. Any reviews given by myself will be 100% honest and I don't take 'blackmail;' I stand by the law. I will always give you my honest opinion about every product that is featured on my blog, and will not change for the sake of 'free stuff.' Likewise, if I do not like a product that I have been sent or gifted then I will not feature it and give the PR company an honest email to reason why I am disappointed and do not wish to feature their product upon my blog.

I am here to tell you exactly what I think about a product and also to gain trust from my readers who value my opinion, and to never be biased. Though there will be product posts, I also post about mostly everything else. I do not label my blog Beauty, Fashion, nor Lifestyle, just simply a Personal blog. 

Every Friday I have a Guest Blogger to write posts on my behalf; if the Blogger is unable to blog on a Friday it will be clearly stated on a post I am using to substitute. Any Guest Blogger that posts: I do not take any credit for their work and will not be touched before publishing. If I feel the post is inappropriate for a younger audience it will be stated in a disclaimer at the beginning of the post and in the title. Likewise, if I feel the post is completely inappropriate to display on my blog, then it shall not be published and the Guest will be noted to either substitute the post or not post at all.

If you are a PR company who is looking to contact me, please email me at lnohara95.loh@gmail.com

So far, there is no theme so I am open to products.

All items sent will be tested and reviewed.

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